You want to develop a range of products, improve its quality or securise the relation with your Chinese supplier ?

We advice you in the definition of your needs and assist you in the realisation of your projects.



We put your Chinese supplier to thorough scrutiny in order to ensure high standards and help you meet your exact and most preferred needs.

We identify lines of progress and collaboration with your supplier by improving manufacturing processes.


We optimize your relations with your Chinese suppliers by reducing manufacturing and purchasing costs.

Improve your supplier-competitivity while establishing a long-term relationship.

Let’s optimize your production !

FLY Sourcing offers its optimization expertise

Our approach is to bring you a real advantage Cost - Quality – Deadline in the management of your relations with your suppliers. 

We optimize purchasing and procurement processes to improve contract efficiency throughout the supplier flow.

FLY Sourcing’s benefits

  • Review of the cost-benefit analysis of Chinese suppliers
  • Negotiation in Chinese with potential suppliers to ensure compliance with the customer's request
  • Implementation of the new supplier relationship
  • Contractualization in Chinese and English
  • On-field availability and support